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Professor; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Western University

Roy Eagleson completed his PhD with Zenon Pylyshyn at the UWO Centre for Cognitive Science in 1992. After a short post-doctoral position at Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, he was on Faculty in Toronto before returning to the University of Western Ontario in 1996. His research has involved computational theories of perception, spatial reasoning, and is currently a Full Professor in Software Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering.

Professor Eagleson supervises graduate students and post-doctoral students in Neuroscience and in research on Perception, Action, and Spatial Cognition in Virtual and Augmented Reality environments. In particular, with applications for Surgical Simulation and Training, Anatomy Learning, and Clinical Skills Assessment.

His research approach to the design of Surgical and Clinical Procedure Simulators stresses a Software Engineering methodology that emphasizes both Task-Based and User-Centred approaches to interface design.  His research program focuses on the special capacities and constraints of the human perceptual, cognitive, and motor system in the design of interactive 3D biomedical visualization tools.  Furthermore, these training modules must be developed in a way that can support not only quantitative usability testing, but also objective performance metrics.  With these tools in development, he is embarking on a set of long-term studies that will follow-through on the uptake of healthcare and surgical curriculum models, to show validity as training tools by tracking the surgical outcome scores of residents through their residency.   His research programme involves a scientific approach in which the design of these AR/VR interfaces is informed by on-going studies into the special capacities and constraints of the human perceptual, motor, and cognitive systems.

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