Upcoming conferences co-sponsored by the Rotman Institute

Over the next few months, there will be four conferences held here in London that are co-sponsored by the Rotman Institute of Philosophy. Note that registration for a couple of these conferences is currently open. Further information can be found on our event pages, or on the respective conference websites. Computationally Assisted Mathematical Discovery and [...]

Thinking Beyond the Observable

An interview with Rotman Institute Visiting Fellow John Bolender John Bolender has been a Visiting Fellow in the Rotman Institute during the 2011-2012 academic year. He is a philosopher of mind whose primary interest is cognition. Specifically, he has inquired into how the computational core of language may crucially enter into uniquely human cognitive capacities, [...]

Pirahã and Progress – Nic McGinnis

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an account of a divisive controversy in linguistics concerning the features of an obscure Amazonian language, Pirahã. Allegedly absent in Pirahã is 'recursion'—the embedding of sentences within sentences—a feature that is (supposedly) central to human language according to the dominant Chomskyan account. The Chronicle article is unfortunately focused [...]

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