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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

About Our Postdoc Program

The Rotman Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship provides new scholars an opportunity to pursue their work in a research intensive environment among colleagues with various philosophical interests in the sciences. Recruiting top junior scholars is central to our goal of fostering research success at the Institute.

Postdoctoral Fellows are involved centrally in the work of the Institute. Their primary responsibility is to conduct independent research in an active and collaborative environment. They also have an opportunity to participate in Institute research projects, and to contribute to the intellectual life of the Institute by:

  • Helping to organize reading groups, workshops and other events
  • Helping to prepare grant applications
  • Teaching undergraduate courses or graduate seminars
  • Supporting public engagement and knowledge mobilization activities

Visit the Western Postdoctoral Services page to learn more about the obligations and benefits of postdoctoral scholars at Western University. Postdoctoral Scholars at Western University are unionized, and a copy of the current collective agreement is available online.

Calls for Applications

Calls for applications are typically sent out in the fall. While we welcome applicants in all areas of research pursued by Institute faculty, each year we prioritize applicants with research interests that align with current needs.


Postdoc News & Interviews

Postdoc Placement & Awards

Recipients of the Rotman Institute postdoctoral fellowship have secured competitive faculty appointments at institutions such as University of California San Diego, Australian National University, and Queen’s University. They have also won prestigious awards. Alida Liberman was awarded the Young Ethicist Prize for best paper by a non-tenured philosopher at the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress just after her term at the Rotman Institute (August, 2016). Her paper, “Wrongness, Responsibility, and Conscientious Refusal in Health Care.”, was the first applied ethics paper to win the prize in the 9 years that the conference had been going at that time. Rachael Brown won the Sir Karl Popper Prize in 2014, for the best paper appearing in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Visit Our Alumni Page to Learn About Placement of Our Former Postdocs
Learn About Recognition & Awards received by our Postdocs

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