Trainee Membership

Rotman Institute trainees, including postdocs and graduate students, are provided with distinctive interdisciplinary training in the sciences and humanities, and are integrated into research groups with faculty from different disciplines.

Participating in a truly interdisciplinary research environment helps with developing professional skills through collaboration, communication with diverse audiences, and networking across disciplines. Training opportunities include:

  • Interdisciplinary research seminars
  • Reading and working groups (see details in link below)
  • Interdisciplinary courses, such as Ethical & Societal Implications of AI (cross-listed in philosophy and engineering)
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Reading & Working Groups

Each year, our members organize and participate in reading and working groups exploring philosophical questions from a wide range of fields. These groups help Rotman Institute trainees develop local networks to explore new problems & establish collaborations across campus & within the broader academic community.

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Doctoral Thesis Posters

Since fall 2016, each resident doctoral student has been presented with a thesis poster following their defence. Browse through these posters to learn a bit about the breadth of research completed by our graduate students. Each poster links to the full-length thesis found on the Scholarship at Western website.

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Trainee Placement, Awards & Recognition

Rotman alumni (PhD and postdoctoral fellows) now hold faculty or research positions in seven countries, including leading research universities such as Harvard, Oxford, University of California San Diego, Australian National University, and Ludwig-Maxmillans Universität (Munich). In addition, several now work in policy, government, non-profit, and business sectors. They’ve also won early career research awards such as the Marie Curie Fellowship. Learn more about our alumni & trainees on the following pages.

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Graduate Student News

From our blog, posts about graduate student research, achievements, and opportunities. Visit our main blog page to see more.

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