Revisiting the Bugs-as-Drugs Perspective in the Light of the Ecological Turn in Microbiome Research

Each year the Rotman Institute supports a number of research projects by funding graduate research assistantships (GRAs). In addition to providing financial assistance, Rotman GRAs offer our graduate students a unique training opportunity and valuable experience working collaboratively with a faculty mentor. Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting the current projects underway this summer. Featured [...]

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Putting Environmental Philosophy to Work: Interview with Justin Donhauser

Justin Donhauser joined the Rotman Institute as postdoctoral fellow this fall. He specializes in socially-relevant philosophy of science — focusing on clarifying how model-based ecological and climate-science methods can aid in political, ethical, and resource management decisions. Justin trained as a PhD fellow of the National Science Foundation endowed Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE-IGERT) [...]

Interview with Fermín Fulda

This is the fourth post in our our weekly series of interviews with the Rotman Institute's postdoctoral fellows. Last week's interview with Catherine Stinson can be found here. Tommaso Bruni's interview can be found here, and Alida Liberman's interview can be found here. Fermín Fulda is a postdoctoral fellow at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy. He graduated [...]

Elisabeth Lloyd: The Orgasm Wars

The Orgasm Wars Friday, March 6 3:30pm-5pm New Chu International Centre Abstract: There has been a fierce battle occurring among people who explain the evolution of human female orgasm, about its evolutionary origins and nature. The core issue is that the female orgasm presents an evolutionary puzzle. Unlike the male orgasm, female orgasm is not [...]

Two great speakers in one week (March 2nd and 6th)

Next week, the Rotman Institute welcomes two outstanding speakers. Robert DiSalle will speak on March 2nd on Gravity, Geometry, Philosophy: 100 Years in Einstein's Universe, and Elisabeth Lloyd will give a talk titled The Orgasm Wars, about the evolutionary puzzle of the female orgasm.Both talks will also be live-streamed online on the pages linked below, [...]

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Future Approaches for Philosophy of Biology

The Calgary Summit of Philosophers of Science hosted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Calgary  is quickly approaching. This meeting of philosophers of biology from throughout Canada will be focused on Future Approaches for Philosophy of Biology. In addition to a series of discussions, the Summit will also include something relatively new to [...]

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New Publication: Rachael Brown: Identifying Behavioral Novelty

Rotman Institute Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science, Rachael Brown has been accepted for publication in Biological Theory for her paper titled Identifying Behavioral Novelty. Although there is no in-principle impediment to an EvoDevo of behavior, such an endeavor is not as straightforward as one might think; many of the key terms [...]

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Special Lecturer in Philosophy of Biology: Gregory M. Mikkelson on “Unity in Diversity: Richness Theory in Environmental Ethics” (By Justin J. Bzovy and Antoine C. Dussault)

On April 19th, 2013 Gregory M. Mikkelson from McGill University visited as a special lecturer in the philosophy of biology, which was co-organized by the Rotman Institute and the Biology Department’s Friday Philosophicals.  Mikkelson’s main research interests are in environmental ethics, ecology and economics.  His talk at Western prompted a very fruitful discussion, some of [...]

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