Chris Letheby Q&A Follow-up

Last May, Chris Letheby delivered a fascinating lecture, Philosophy of Psychedelics, as part of our Emerging Minds colloquium series. Video of his talk can be seen on the Rotman Institute YouTube channel (or via the link below). Following the talk, attendees had an opportunity to submit written questions. Because there were more questions than [...]

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Interview with Dr. Alison Gopnik

by Meghan Winsby Alison Gopnik is professor of psychology and affiliate professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkley. She researches children’s development and learning, and philosophical problems in the philosophy of mind and morality. She is the author of many academic articles and books, including, for popular consumption, The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s [...]

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Zika: An Epidemic or an Issue of Reproductive Justice?

by Nicole L. Fice, Cory E. Goldstein, and Austin R. Horn The media response to the recent Zika virus outbreak has been sensationalized and, as a result, governmental responses have been largely misplaced. Zika is a virus that has been around for decades, with relatively mild symptoms. However, a recent outbreak in Brazil that coincided [...]

What did Gödel show with his first incompleteness theorem?

By Philippos Papayannopoulos It's very common to read and hear people talking about Kurt Gödel's famous (first) incompleteness theorem, in popular media, books, discussions, etc. Which is a very good thing I think, given how wonderful and ingenious the ideas and the reasoning behind this theorem are. But even though it's more than almost 85 [...]

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“A new upgrade of your universe is now available!” – A post about the simulation universe hypothesis, computing systems, and the Isaac Asimov debate.

By Philippos Papayannopoulos This year’s (2016) Isaac Asimov memorial debate was dedicated to the question “Is the Universe a Simulation?”. A recent article in The Guardian (Oct 11, 2016) also was about the exact same question. In this post I discuss this hypothesis, but with an eye on how the question was pursued during the [...]

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