A Dynamic Research Environment

Our vision is to establish the Rotman Institute as the hub of a dynamic research network. Nodes in this network, consisting of researchers with relevant expertise, will form around specific challenges, then disperse as the project draws to a close and their members form new nodes.

Part of achieving this vision is recruiting new members to facilitate the continuous renewal of ideas and approaches. Our thriving postdoctoral fellows program and visiting fellows program are two mechanisms for achieving this objective.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

About the Program

The Rotman Postdoctoral Fellowship program provides new scholars an opportunity to pursue their work in a research intensive environment among colleagues with various philosophical interests in the sciences. For the past ten years, the Institute has maintained a cohort of 4 – 9 postdoctoral scholars, through internal funding and a variety of external awards. The Institute has been a destination for junior scholars awarded SSHRC postdoctoral fellowships, as well as international scholars with funding from abroad.

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Calls for Applications

Calls for applications are typically sent out in the fall. While we welcome applicants in all areas of research pursued by Institute faculty, each year we prioritize applicants with research interests that align with current needs.

Full details for postdoctoral fellowships are provided within each call for applications.

Visiting Fellows Program

Our visiting fellows program is designed to facilitate scholarly engagement between the wider academic community and the members of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy.

The program is open to qualified candidates pursuing research overlapping with or otherwise complementing scholarly activities currently being pursued in the Institute. Visits may last anywhere from two weeks to an entire academic year. During the visit Fellows will take up residence in the Institute and London, Ontario.

Candidates at all career stages are welcome to apply (PhD required prior to appointment), though preference will be given to early career researchers.

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