The Rotman Institute of Philosophy's Mission is to bring philosophers into productive engagement with scientists, policy makers and the public.

Originally founded in 2008, the Institute continues to foster outstanding and collaborative research thanks to the generous support of the Rotman Family Foundation and Western University.

Who We Are

Members of the Rotman Institute include scholars who work on history and the philosophy of science (including neuroscience, biology, and physics), research ethics, bioethics, science and values, and feminist approaches to science. We come together in a unique collaborative workspace to engage, explore and exchange ideas. This "philosophy laboratory" is the heart of the Rotman Institute.

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What We Do

Philosophy of science has become disconnected from scientific practice. Philosophers have a valuable set of skills to contribute to the problems faced by scientists. We challenge assumptions and invoke philosophical and ethical concepts that range from the nature of causation to the demands of justice.

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Rotman Events

Each year the Rotman Institute delivers events and programs highlighting a broad range of philosophical engagement in a wide range of fields of contemporary science. These events include public lectures, conferences, workshops and speakers’ series on topics that are currently being addressed at the Institute or are of current significance globally.

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