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Ozer Turker


  • Philosophy of Physics

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Doctoral Student;
Department of Philosophy, Western University

In September 2018, I started my Ph.D. studies in Philosophy at Western University. My main research area is philosophy of physics. I am also interested in general philosophy of science and philosophy of medicine.

I got my bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Bogazici University (2013), Istanbul, Turkey. During the first semester of 2012-2013 academic year, I was an exchange student at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium.

I received my master’s degree after graduating from Bogazici, where I also studied philosophy, in June 2018. I was a research assistant at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University’s Philosophy Department during 2017-2018 academic year.

My primary research interests lie in the philosophy of physics. In particular, I try to investigate whether inflationary cosmology can shed light on our understanding of time or cosmology has nothing to say about the nature of time. As a result of this investigation, I intend to find out if there is nothing more to time apart from what relativity theory shows. I also strive to explain the ontological status of laws of nature. I advocate the thesis that laws of nature should be deemed primitive. What is more, I try to make sense of the notion of retrocausality in regard to our everyday understanding of nature.

As for my other research areas, I am interested in the philosophy of science and of medicine, respectively. As for the former, my master’s degree research project focused on the following question: can naturalized metaphysics save scientific phenomena? I answered this question in the negative. Moreover, I intend to find out where physics starts and metaphysics ends (and vice versa) regarding why-questions. As regards the latter, my interests are about the role of evidence in evidence-based medicine and the ontology of disease.


Can Causal Powers Save Scientific Phenomena? (recently submitted to the Croatian Journal of Philosophy)

MA Thesis

Models, Causes and Capacities: A New Account for Laws of Nature. Supervised by Sun Demirli. Bogazici University. 2018.

Fall, 2018, Basic Logic, Western University (TA, Grader).

Winter, 2019, Basic Logic, Western University (TA, Grader).