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MSc. Student,
Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University

I am a Masters student in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program at Western University in the area of Health Professional Education. Through my graduate research I seek to explore the role of the best interest standard in pediatric medical decision making and its application to public health and am co-supervised by Dr. Maxwell Smith and Dr. Jacob Shelley. I have been actively involved in the Health Ethics, Law and Policy (HELP) Lab at Western since April 2021 and currently serve as University Representative for Western University with the Canadian Bioethics Society. Outside of my studies, I enjoy spending time with my partner, our three children, and miniature dachshund Jasper.

Through my graduate research, I intend to investigate how the best interests of pediatric patients is defined in decision making for pediatric populations both clinically and from a public health perspective. I am interested in how best interests of children are considered both in an acute care setting as well as when considering public health and policy decisions impacting well being as it is more broadly understood.