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M.A. Student,
Department of Philosophy, Western University

am a MA candidate in the Philosophy Department at Western University. I completed an Honours BSc at the University of Toronto in Neuroscience and Philosophy with a focus on neurodegenerative & neurodevelopmental diseases, philosophy of mind and metaphysics. I then went on to complete a MSc in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto in which my thesis focused on cell signalling in the Hedgehog Pathway, particularly examining the interactions of the central Patched-1 receptor in the context of embryogenesis and medulloblastoma. For my MA, I would like to explore the philosophy of neuroscience, consciousness, intentionality, and phenomenological experience. I think further collaboration and integration of neuroscience and philosophy will help us to explore how physical neurons and electrophysiological properties substantiate thoughts, ideas, concepts, and conscious experience.

My research interests focus on investigating the conscious experience, theory of intentionality, and the idea of the ‘self’ that is exclusively observed from the first-person perspective. More specifically for my MA I would like to explore the various definitions and interpretations of consciousness from an integrated perspective of neuroscience and philosophy and compare the approaches of interrogation of consciousness. Additionally, I am interested in examining altered consciousness including in a clinical context and self-induced states through psychedelics.