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  • Philosophy of Physics

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  • Rotman Institute of Philosophy
    Western University
    Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, 7148
    London, Ontario, Canada
    N6A 3K7


Doctoral Student; 
Department of Philosophy, Western University

Yichen Luo is a doctoral student at the University of Western Ontario under the supervision of Prof. Chris Smeenk and Prof. Francesca Vidotto, and he is a member of Rotman Institute of Philosophy. He was a visiting scholar at University of Bremen in 2022 and an organizing chair of the Philosophy of Logic, Math, and Physics Graduate conference (LMP) in 2023. He has been the organizer of Western thermodynamics reading group since 2022. Yichen’s primary research interests are philosophical discussions of classical and quantum black holes, including methodological aspects of black hole modeling, asymptotic reasoning and idealization in black hole physics, thermodynamics black holes, and roles of black holes in investigating theories of quantum gravity and cosmology.

Yichen’s primary research interests are philosophical discussions of classical and quantum black holes, including mathematical and physical modeling of black holes, asymptotic reasoning and idealization in black holes, black hole thermodynamics, and the applications of black holes in cosmology and quantum gravity. Yichen’s current ongoing philosophical works about black holes include (1) modeling black holes from different approaches of theoretical studies, (2) the discussion of asymptotic reasoning and idealization in black hole modeling and explanation, and (3) understanding to what extent black hole thermodynamics can be well-defined and exploring what theoretical framework should be used to interpret black holes as thermal systems.


Luo Y.C., Chen L., He W. T., Ma Y.G., and Zhang X.Y. Axiomatization of Special Relativity in First Order Logic. Communications in Theoretical Physics, 66(1):19-28, 2016.

Luo Y.C. Fiction and Scientific Representation (in Chinese). Journal of Dialectics of Nature. Accepted, 2018.11.

Luo Y.C., Gao Y., Wu X.Y., and Wang Y.S. Study of the Velocity of Ultrasonic Sound and Liquid Properties with the Ultrasonic Grating (in Chinese). College Physics, 36(8):76-81, 2017.

Luo Y.C. Through the Looking-Glass: Dodgson and Victorian Mathematics (in Chinese). Science and Culture Review, 15(2): 5-16, 2018.

MA Thesis

Luo Y.C. Making Sense of Scientific Representation: A Dynamic Picture. Beijing: Tsinghua University, 2019. Invited Talks


Teaching and Assistantships (Western Ontario)

Spring ’23 Teaching Assistant, Einstein for Everyone. (Prof. Chris Smeenk).

Fall ’22 Teaching Assistant, Philosophy of Science. (Prof. Eric Desjardins).

Spring ’22 Teaching Assistant, Ethics, Laws, and Politics. (Prof. Michael Milde).

Fall ’21 Teaching Assistant, Big Ideas. (Prof. Robert DiSalle).

Spring ’21 Teaching Assistant, Digital Ethics. (Prof. Ryan Robb).

Fall ’20 Teaching Assistant, Understanding Science. (Prof. Wayne Myrvold).

Spring ’20 Teaching Assistant, The Scientific Search for Mind. (Prof. Jacqueline Sullivan).

Fall ’19 Teaching Assistant}, Introduction to Philosophy of Mind. (Prof. Christopher Viger).


Teaching and Assistantships (Tsinghua)

Fall ’18 Teaching Assistant, Academic Standards and Professional Ethics. (Prof. Yi Lei).

Summer ’18 Teaching Assistant, Causality. (Prof. Gallow Dmitri). 11th Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School.

Spring ’18 Teaching Assistant, Philosophical Issues in Modern Sciences. (Prof. Wei Wang).

Summer ’17 Teaching Assistant, Epistemological Issues in Scientific Experiment. (Prof. Sandra Mitchell). 10th Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School.

Summer ’16 Teaching Assistant, Replaying Life’s Tape. (Prof. John Beatty). The 3rd Tsinghua International Summer Seminar on History and Philosophy of Biology.