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  • General Philosophy of Science

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David Costa

Doctoral Student, 
Department of Philosophy, Western University

David is a PhD student in Philosophy at Western University. He received his BA in Philosophy with English at the University of London. His current research interests include general philosophy of science, philosophy of cognitive science and metaphilosophy. More specifically, he is interested in accounts of scientific pluralism, and issues pertaining to the unity of science, scientific dialogue and commensurability. 

David is interested in general philosophy of science, more specifically on issues surrounding scientific pluralism, such as how the unity of science should be construed, in what ways science differs from other forms of knowledge-making, and how commensurability can be maintained among competing scientific theories. Furthermore, he has a growing interest in metaphilosophical issues, mainly regarding what positive role philosophy of science can have on today’s scientific endeavors, and the distinction between philosophical and scientific progress.  

Fall 2022, Critical Thinking, Western University (TA)