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Doctoral Student;
Department of Philosophy, Western University

I’m a Philosophy PhD candidate at Western. I have an MA in Philosophy from Cal State LA and a BS in Strategic Communications from CU Boulder. I’m interested in Philosophy of Mind, especially topics related to AI. Due to current developments, it is becoming increasingly unclear what makes humans special. The domain of distinctly human capacities seems to be shrinking. Former hallmarks like language or rational processing no longer serve as ironclad litmus tests, which throws the identity of the species into question. I want to make sense of what (if anything) separates humans from our creations, and thereby cast some light on how the social sphere should adapt.

I’m currently in the course phase of my PhD, so I haven’t properly started researching yet. I am taking courses related to AI and the mind. I will begin nailing something down in the coming summer, but I expect to work with person-hood, intentionality, and the social implications of AI. I think I’ll be engaging a lot with Dennett, and may also head in the direction of Bostrom.

Bjorklund, Daniel. “Intelligence by Analogy: Why Strong AI is Not as Near as it Seems” Philosophy in Practice, Vol 16, 2022.