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With the rapid development of large language models such as GPTs, many fundamental and philosophical issues of intelligence and the human mind can be re-visited.  In this talk, I will explore these related topics to foster potential collaboration between different disciplines.

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Speaker Profile:

Charles Ling is a Professor of Computer Science and and a Science Distinguished Research Professor at Western University. He is also the Director of the Data Mining and Business Intelligence Lab , a fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), an Associate Scientist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and a Senior member of IEEE.

Professor Charles Ling has been researching machine learning, AI, and cognitive science for over 30 years.  In the 1990s he worked with Marin Marinov, a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy, on the debate between connectionist and symbolic systems, and published papers in Cognition and Cognitive Science.

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This event is in partnership with the Department of Computer Science, Western University

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