Rotman Meets Rotman

By Frédéric-I. Banville The collaborations between Western’s Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, in the form of the lab associate program (which places philosophy graduate students in labs at the BMI) and collaborations between researchers (most recently, our postdoctoral fellow Robert Foley co-authored a paper with BMI director Melvyn Goodale [...]

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Pierre Jacob: What is so special about human social cognition?

 Pierre Jacob, Institut NicodMarch 20, 2015 Location: Western University, 141 Talbot CollegeStart Time: 3:30 pm ESTEnd Time: 5:00 pm EST Download a Poster AbstractI will argue for a three-tiered answer to the question.(1) Only humans are able to track the contents of others’ false beliefs.(2) Only humans are able to engage in ostensive cooperative communicative actions.Since [...]

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Interviews With Andrew Peterson and Robert Foley

Check out interviews with two members of the Rotman Institute! These interviews were conducted by Rotman Institute PhD student Shawn Bartlet for CHRW Community Radio and aired April 2nd. Andrew Peterson is a PhD student and in this interview he discusses his work on the ethics of research involving patients in vegetative states.   Andrew [...]

Interviews with Robert Foley and Jody Culham

Below are interviews with Jody Culham and Robert Foley who are working on different aspects of  perception as part of a partnership between the Brain and Mind Institute and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy.  Jody Culham is professor in the psychology department and is studying the neuroscience of perception and action.  Robert Foley holds a joint post-doc between the [...]

Is the Primary Visual Cortex a Center Stage for the Visual Phenomenology of Object Size?

In our paper, we discuss a recent fMRI study from Professor Maria Concetta Morrone’s lab in Pisa, Italy (Pooresmaeili et al., 2013) which examined the role of the primary visual cortex (V1) in size perception. Consistent with previous fMRI studies that examined V1 activation during size perception in the context of optical illusion displays (Murray [...]

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Canada-Israel Symposium: Brain Plasticity, Learning and Education

By Jessey Wright On June 15th and 16th, 2013 the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario hosted a symposium, the seeds for which were sown at the signing of a research agreement between the Royal Society of Canada and the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities less than a year ago. [...]

How much should experimental practice matter for philosophers?

By Frédéric-Ismaël Banville During the recent PhilMiLCog conference – Western’s graduate conference in philosophy of mind, language and cognitive science, the university welcomed eight graduate student speakers and three keynote speakers: Prof. Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh), Prof. Jacqueline Sullivan (Western- Philosophy) and Prof. Jody Culham (Western- Brain and Mind Institute). As a member of the organizing [...]

Neurophilosophy Speaker Series, Alfonso Caramazza: converging concerns of science and philosophy (by Frédéric-Ismaël Banville & Jessey Wright)

By Frédéric-I. Banville On May 1st 2013, Professor Alfonso Caramazza (Harvard University) gave the second lecture in the Neurophilosophy Speaker Series, which is jointly sponsored by Western's Rotman Institute of Philosophy and the Brain and Mind Institute. Caramazza is a professor of Psychology, Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Harvard University and the Directory [...]

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