Interviews With Andrew Peterson and Robert Foley

Check out interviews with two members of the Rotman Institute! These interviews were conducted by Rotman Institute PhD student Shawn Bartlet for CHRW Community Radio and aired April 2nd. Andrew Peterson is a PhD student and in this interview he discusses his work on the ethics of research involving patients in vegetative states.   Andrew [...]

Women in Science, Philosophy, and Education: An Interview With Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholar, Melissa Jacquart

In 2012, the Rotman Institute of Philosophy provided Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholarships, valued at $10,000, to two incoming PhD students with a proposed research focus related to philosophy of science. Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholars are selected on the basis of exceptional academic merit, high research potential, and a record of engaging the public through service and [...]

Philosophy, Education, and the Science of One

In September 2011, Yann Benétreau-Dupin arrived at Western to pursue his PhD in Philosophy. Yann was one of the two recipients of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy Doctoral Entrance Scholarship, a $10,000 scholarship offered to students of with outstanding performance history and achievements, and who specialize in the study of philosophy and science. In October, [...]

Articles in the London Free Press

Here are links to letters published in the London Free Press discussing two of their recent editorials: Veils during Citizenship Oaths: Como Conquistar Un Hombre   Regulations Governing Prostitution: zp8497586rq

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Philosophy and Combat Stress

An interview with Rotman Institute Doctoral Entrance Scholarship recipient Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson is one of two recipients of the 2011/12 Rotman Institute of Philosophy Doctoral Entrance Scholarship. Valued at $10,000, these scholarship assist some of the strongest doctoral candidates entering their study at Western with support for their innovative research in philosophy and science. [...]

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