We’d like to begin with a welcome to the 2017-18 school year–hope everyone had a great summer and is excited for the year ahead. The start of the new year includes some changes in the members of our Steering Committee. Thank you to our outgoing elected members Tony Weis and Markus Müller, and to the postdoctoral fellow and graduate student representatives, Lucas Dunlap and Jamie Shaw. Please join us in congratulating Rob Corless (Applied Math) and Eric Desjardins (Philosophy) who have been elected by acclamation for two-year terms. Adam Koberinski has been elected as the new graduate student representative, and a new postdoctoral fellow representative will be announced shortly.

Please also join us in welcoming our new postdoctoral fellow, Klodian Coko, who just completed a postdoctoral fellowship at The Sidney M. Edelstein Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses on the emergence and development of scientific methods; his current project aims to provide a detailed analysis of the nature of experimental replication.

Additional news and announcements from our members for the past month are listed below alphabetically.

Michael Cuffaro gave a talk titled “Information Causality, the Tsirelson Bound, and the ‘Being-Thus’ of Things” at the University of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland, September 4, 2017. A pre-print of the paper is available on the Phil-Sci Archive.

Craig Fox attended the Philosophy Meets Paleobiology in the Badlands workshop, held at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta on August 25 – 28, 2017. He presented a paper titled, “On Making a Timecapsule”.

Sarah Gallagher was selected for the #CanWomeninSTEM150 campaign by hEr VOLUTION, a non-Profit encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM careers.

An article by David Hakim titled “Kant on Moral Illusion and Appraisal of Others” was published on August 24 on Cambridge Core in Kantian Review, Volume 22 / Issue 3.

Rotman alumni Melissa Jacquart and Jessey Wright wrote a recent post on the APA blog titled Teach Graduate Students How To Teach.

Rotman alumnus Spencer Hey co-authored a new paper in Science titled Influence, integrity, and the FDA: An ethical framework.

Jamie Shaw gave a talk titled “The Janus-Faced Nature of Popper’s Falsificationism” at The Ninth Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP9) at LMU Munich on August 23rd.

John Thorp gave a talk in July at the Universidad de Buenos Aires titled “Eros y misticismo en la epistemología de Platon”.

Tony Weis is a 2017-18 Rachel Carson Fellow at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society at LMU Munich.

Meghan Winsby attended the Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference (RoME X) at CU, Boulder from August 10-13, and presented a paper titled “Promising from the Prospective Stance.”

Pictured above (clockwise): Sarah Gallagher selected as a #CanWomeninSTEM150; Craig Fox beside an exposed fossil of a Hadrosaur femur at Dinosaur Provincial Park; John Thorp at Universidad de Buenos Aires; Meghan Winsby at the Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference; Jamie Shaw at ECAP9.