The Rotman Institute of Philosophy is currently inviting graduate students to apply for membership. The Institute’s mission is to catalyze and lead the production of interdisciplinary research by uniting philosophers with scientists, policy makers and the general public. Our open-concept, collaborative work space is housed in the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, along with the Brain and Mind Institute, and BrainsCAN. Working with colleagues of diverse intellectual backgrounds, including faculty, is an excellent way for students to further supplement their graduate training at Western.

All graduate student members attend reading groups, talks, conferences, and other Institute events, and get the privilege of participating in ongoing research projects in cooperation with Faculty Members. Details of member benefits and obligations can be found in the graduate student membership policy document, available on our website under Student Membership.

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we are unsure at this point when it will be possible for students to become resident members of the Institute. However, when it is deemed safe to do so, we will be able to offer desk space in the Institute to a number of students, pending availability. Priority will be given to students currently involved in a research project with core Rotman faculty members. All applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
To apply, please download and complete the Rotman Student Member Form (available as either a docx or pdf). Please note that the form contains an exhaustive list of all fields that may be included on a member profile, but that new applicants are not expected to have content to complete the entire form (e.g., many students will not yet have publications, or be involved in an Institute research project). Please be sure to fill in your research statement, and other applicable fields, and to submit the completed form (along with any questions you may have) to Deborah Fox at