Faculty members share the responsibility to advance the Vision and Mission of the Rotman Institute. Appointment is for a three year, renewable period. Prospective members may nominate themselves or be nominated by existing members. Nominations will be considered by the Director and Steering Committee, on the basis of scholarly excellence, or comparable achievements in relevant areas, and evidence of commitment to the Rotman Institute’s vision and mission.



rotman membership - graduate students

The Rotman Institute will train the next generation of scholars to engage complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, informed by rigorous philosophical thought. Graduate students are involved centrally in the work of the Rotman Institute and contribute to its vitality in a variety of ways. Student members attend reading groups, talks, conferences, and other Institute events, and get the privilege of participating in ongoing research projects in cooperation with Faculty Members. With the advantages of engagement with colleagues with diverse intellectual backgrounds, including faculty, the Institute is an excellent way for students to further supplement their philosophical training in the doctoral program at Western. Details of member benefits and obligations can be found in the graduate student membership policy document, included below.


To apply, please download and complete the Rotman Student Member Form (.docx / pdf). Note that the member form contains an exhaustive list of all fields that may be included on a member profile, but that graduate student applicants are not expected to have content to complete the entire form (e.g., many student applicants will not yet have publications, or be involved in an Institute research project). Please be sure to fill in your research statement, and to submit the completed form to rotman@uwo.ca. A call for applications for the winter term will go out in late November.  We will consider other applications on a rolling basis.


rotman membership - postdoctoral fellows

The Rotman Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship provides new scholars an opportunity to pursue their work in a research intensive environment among colleagues with various philosophical interests in the sciences. The Rotman Institute of Philosophy is situated in one of Canada’s leading departments of philosophy, and it brings together philosophers and scientists to work on problems of global significance. Rotman faculty include two Canada Research Chair holders, and ongoing research focuses on a variety of aspects of contemporary biology, ethics, medical science, physics, and neuroscience.


Postdoctoral Fellows at the Rotman Institute have gone on to great things. Rachael Brown (Postdoc in the Institute 2013-2014) won the Sir Karl Popper Prize for 2014, for the best paper appearing in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. Kerry McKenzie (2013-14) was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at UC San Diego after her Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Rotman Institute. Trevor Pearce (2011-12) has also become an Assistant Professor, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Applications are welcome from scholars holding doctoral degrees who are pursuing research projects that engage contemporary science from the perspectives of ethics, epistemology, history or policy. Interested applicants are encouraged to inquire about possible openings at any time of year.

Visiting Fellows have no formal duties beyond an active participation in the intellectual life of the Rotman Institute. They are encouraged to participate in the many reading groups, seminars, talks, workshops and other ongoing projects at the Rotman Institute, and to give talks introducing their own research projects to the Institute.  They are invited as well to take advantage of the broader activities of the Department of Philosophy including colloquia, conferences, and graduate seminars (with instructor permission). Western University’s Department of Philosophy is one of the most distinguished in Canada.

Each Visiting Fellow is provided with an office in the Rotman Institute of Philosophy equipped with a desktop computer; modest office and IT support; and full access to the library facilities and services of Western University. Visiting Fellows must reside in London, Ontario for the duration of their term, and they receive a supplementary stipend of $1,300 per month to help defray the cost of relocation. Note that purchase of the University Health Insurance Plan is mandatory, and depending on family size, can range close to $1000.

How to Apply

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Applications will continue to be reviewed throughout the year, within space and funding constraints. Interested applicants are encouraged to inquire about possible openings at any time of year.

Applications should include:

1.    Cover letter
2.    Curriculum Vitae
3.    Description of research to be undertaken during Fellowship
4.    Sample of written work (electronic file, hard copy, or website URL)
5.    For Junior Applicants: list of 2-3 referees familiar with your work

Completed applications should be submitted via email.


All applicants to the Doctoral Program in the Department of Philosophy at Western University with a stated research interest in philosophy and science (including epistemology, ethics or history of science) are eligible for the Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholarship.

Western’s philosophy program is internationally ranked, both as an overall department and within a number of specialties, not least philosophy of science and philosophy of physics.

Prospective students interested in joining the department, and who have an interest in philosophy of science — construed broadly to include the history, ethics or epistemology of science — may wish to think about the benefits of becoming a member of the Rotman Institute. Each year the Institute accepts new members and desk space in the innovative ‘Lab’ space opens up annually. It is typically after their second year as doctoral students, when research interests are beginning to solidify, that students are eligible to become resident members of the Institute.

All applicants to the Doctoral Program in the Department of Philosophy at Western University with a stated research interest in philosophy and science (including epistemology, ethics or history of science) are eligible for the Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholarship. This is above and beyond the usual funding packages offered to graduate students in the Department of Philosophy at Western. A separate application for the award is not required. Students who are awarded the scholarships become student members of the Rotman Institute.

Information for prospective students to the Department of Philosophy’s doctoral program may be found here.

Undergraduates interested in studying at Western University can learn more here.