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Project Description

De Saegher


  • Ontology of Quantum Theories

  • Notion of Interpretation for Quantum Theories

  • Background Independence in Quantum Gravity



Doctoral Student;
Department of Philosophy, Western University

Tom De Saegher is currently a doctoral student in the philosophy department at Western University. Tom is primarily interested in interpreting quantum mechanics and the different concepts of interpretation guiding the interpretational debate. He is also interested in the structure of the quantum gravity research program, specifically the aim of background independence.

Before coming to Western, Tom received his Bachelors degree in physics (specialist program) from the University of Toronto and then his Masters in History and Philosophy of Science from the IHPST at the University of Toronto.

My research regarding the ontology of quantum theories focuses on the nature of the quantum state in the non-relativistic theory of finite degrees of freedom. In particular, I am interested in whether we must supplement the state space of quantum mechanics with local beables in order to recover the local macroscopic experimental facts of the manifest image, or if one can recover these facts in interpretations that are wavefunction monist in ontology. Looking at the structure of the debate satisfies my interest in the meaning of ‘interpretation’ guiding it.

My interest in background independence is mostly just focused on providing a clear definition of this aim that is general enough for all attempts at a theory of quantum gravity.

Winter, 2016, Business Ethics, Western University (Teaching Assistant)

Fall, 2015, Sustainability, Western University (Teaching Assistant)

Fall/Winter, 2014-2015, Basic Logic, Western University (Teaching Assistant)

Winter, 2013, History of Physics, University of Toronto (Teaching Assistant)

Fall, 2012, Scientific Revolutions I, University of Toronto (Teaching Assistant)