Evan Fraser, of the University of Guelph, delivered a lecture on February 25, 2016 entitled, Food in 2050: The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion. Video of this lecture has been posted on the Rotman Institute of Philosophy YouTube channel.

Abstract: Creating food systems capable of sustainably, equitably, and nutritiously feeding 9 billion people while dealing with climate change is one of the 21st century’s “Grand Challenges”. Meeting this challenge is about more than just producing enough – indeed, we already produce enough for everyone, but more than a billion are overweight while almost a billion under nourished. To help feed the future we must not only produce the right kinds of food, but must also innovate on food processing and ingredients, make diets more nutritious, cut back on waste/emissions, reduce the amount of water and chemicals we use, and ensure that small scale farmers around the world have access to markets. To explore these issues, this talk will first present the factors that are driving changes in our food systems. Second, this talk will explore where some of these trends are heading.


Food in 2050: The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion was the first public Rotman Lecture of the semester. Please visit the upcoming events page to view additional events scheduled for this year. Our next upcoming lecture, Carl Craver: Memory, Time and Agency, is part of the neurophilosophy speaker series, co-sponsored with the Brain and Mind Institute.

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