The theme of this year’s library lecture series was The Brain Boom: How Neuroscience is Changing How We Understand Ourselves. Co-sponsored by the London Public Library and the Department of Philosophy at Western University, a series of four public lectures addressing the theme were given at the Landon Branch public library. The inaugural lecture, given by Catherine Stinson, was recorded and has just been posted on the Rotman YouTube channel.

The Body in ‘Mental Illness’
Abstract: If mental and physical are separate domains, “mental illness” should not involve the body. But bodily symptoms are common among people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. Examples are altered perceptions of hot and cold, and hallucinations of touch. Overlooking the body may contribute to the stigma of psychiatric diagnosis.


The Rotman speaker series will resume this January with a lecture by Gillian Crozier: Revisiting the Social License of Zoos & Aquariums in Light of Evolving Social Norms. Learn more about this talk, and check back soon for other upcoming Rotman events.

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