Inductive Risk and Values in Climate Science

Cross-posted from Je fais, donc je suisI’ve spent this weekend at the Rotman Institute’s big annual conference, this year on climate science. In this post, I want to follow up on an exchange Saturday morning, between Gavin Schmidt and Eric Winsberg.Some quick context: In a 2012 paper, Winsberg applied Heather Douglas’ inductive risk argument to [...]

Future Approaches for Philosophy of Biology

The Calgary Summit of Philosophers of Science hosted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Calgary  is quickly approaching. This meeting of philosophers of biology from throughout Canada will be focused on Future Approaches for Philosophy of Biology. In addition to a series of discussions, the Summit will also include something relatively new to [...]

2014-09-15T14:41:39-04:00September 15th, 2014|Events, Graduate Students, Philosophy of Biology|

The first conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science (by Alex Manafu)

In March 2013 the German Society for Philosophy of Science/Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsphilosophie (GWP) held its first meeting. It is somewhat of a sociological puzzle why a country with such a rich tradition in philosophy of science did not have (up until now, that is) a society dedicated to the field. The overarching conference theme was How [...]

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