On Wednesday, April 8, at 7:30pm, Rotman postdoc Dan Hicks will be giving a lecture for the Humanist Association of London and Area at the Cross Cultural Learning Centre, 505 Dundas Street in London. The lecture is open to the general public and a $2 donation is suggested. The title and abstract are below.

The GMO Controversy: Health, Safety, … and What Else?

Genetically modified crops (GMOs) have generated much heated debate. Are they a miracle of science that will ensure adequate food supplies for a growing world population, or are they a danger to human health and the environment? Dr. Hicks will explore some less frequently discussed issues in this controversy: the “feed the world” argument, concerns over economic power and intellectual property, and rival views of the fundamental purposes of food production. He’ll argue that even people with a “pro-science” viewpoint who accept that GMOs are safe can have good reason to be concerned about some of these other issues.