This year’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences will take place on May 27 – June 2 at Ryerson University in Toronto. Rotman Institute members will be participating in numerous sessions throughout the congress. If you’re attending this year’s congress, we invite you to attend these sessions and learn about some of the exciting philosophical work being done by our members.

Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM)

Sunday, May 28

Philippos Papayannopoulos The Open Texture of ‘Real Number Algorithms’

Tuesday, May 30

Valerie L. Therrien The Axiom of Choice as Paradigm Shift: The Case for the Distinction between the Ontological and the Methodological Crisis in the Foundations of Mathematics

Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS)

Saturday, May 27

Adam Woodcox Aristotle on the Causes and Limits of Aging
Jody Tomchishen Giving Up On Natural Kinds
Lucas Dunlap Naturalized Metaphysics and Fundamental Physics
Catherine Stinson Abstract Mechanisms and Causal Powers (presented with Boris Hennig)

Sunday, May 28

Jessey Wright Interpretations of Neuroimaging Data as Explanations of Data Patterns
John Jenkinson Fleshing Out Agency and Body Ownership
Fermin C Fulda Being Natural: Three Grades of Naturalistic Involvement
Marie Gueguen The possibility of paraparticles
Chris Smeenk Confirming QED

Monday, May 29

Jamie Shaw The Historical Turn and the ‘Fact’ of Pluralism
Justin Bzovy Clines, Demes and Species: An Overlooked Source for Scientific Pluralism
Eric Desjardins Novel Ecosystems: Do they Really Lower the Bar?
Justin Donhauser Informative Ecological Models without General Ecological Forces: a reply to Sagoff (2016)
Yousuf Hasan Quine’s Flight from Analyticity
Erlantz Etxeberria Monistic Account of Explanations and Explanatory Depth

Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics (CSSPE)

Thursday, June 1

Anthony Skelton & Lisa Forsberg Adolescent capacity to refuse life prolonging medical intervention and transformative experience

Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA)

Sunday, May 28

Anthony Skelton Patricia Marino’s Moral Reasoning in a Pluralistic World (Author-Meets-Critics)
Michael Korngut Plato’s Pains of Self-Ignorance
Adam Woodcox The Hunt for Definitions: Posterior Analytics B 13
Chris Viger A Small-world Look at Dual-process Theory
John Thorp A New Problem for the Unity of Substance in Aristotle

Monday, May 29

Matthew Howery Saving the Pessimistic Induction
Angela Mendelovici The Natures and Characters of Intentional States and Content
Anthony Skelton & Lisa Forsberg On Adolescent Refusals of Life- Prolonging Medical Treatment

Tuesday, May 30

Samantha Brennan Carrie Jenkin’s What Love Is: And What It Could Be (Author-Meets-Critics) – Session Organizer & Chair
John Jenkinson Structural Flexibility in Enactive Cognition

Wednesday, May 31

Gillian Barker & Fred Banville Knowledge in Nonhuman Species: The Epistemic Levers Hypothesis (Symposium)
Samantha Brennan Gender and the Politics of Cyberspace (Joint Session)
Christopher Shirreff The Moral Substantivity Criterion for Is / Ought Bridging Arguments
Tom De Saegher On the Notion of an Interpreted Quantum Theory
Richard Creek Tetens’ Commonsense Project
Fred Banville & Jessey Wright Teaching Philosophy of Science with Problem Solving
David Bourget Consciousness and Rationality
Jamie Shaw Was Feyerabend an Epistemological Anarchist?
Meghan Winsby Profligate Pal and a “Therapeutic” Promise