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Aubrie Schlettler


  • Bioethics

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  • Philosophy of Law



Doctoral Student
Department of Philosophy, Western University

I am currently a Doctoral Student at Western University. I received a B.A in philosophy from the University of Calgary and a M.A in philosophy from the University of Waterloo. My research interests are primarily in neuroethics and bioethics. In addition, I am interested in moral theory, political philosophy, virtual reality, cognitive science, and philosophy of law.

My research in my MA program focused primarily on virtual reality, sensorimotor functions, and the sense of self. My research project investigated whether biological sex and motor function have a role in the visual representation of the self. The principal contribution is a new virtual reality experiment that systematically varied an avatar’s sex and motion, after which participants recorded judgments about the relationship between themselves and the avatar. The experiment assessed the role of biological sex and self-motion by presenting participants with pairs of avatars that visually represent the participant (“self avatar”), or another person (“opposite avatar”). Additionally, the avatars’ motion either corresponded to the participant’s motion, or was decoupled from the participant’s motion. Decoupled motion consisted of swaying slightly from side to side. By manipulating sex and motion, I tested whether these aspects affect how participants perceive themselves. The results support the conclusion that sex and normal motion both affect the visual representation of the self. In my current program, I am also interested in research projects in neuroethics and research ethics.

MA Thesis:

Sensorimotor Functions and the Sense of Self

Fall 2016 Ancient Philosophy, University of Waterloo, TA/Grader

Winter 2017 Business Ethics, University of Waterloo, TA/Grader

Fall 2017 and Winter 2018- Philosophy of Law, Western University, TA/Grader