Leading scholars in feminist phenomenology are coming to Western University to participate in the Future Directions in Feminist Phenomenology conference, organized by Helen Fielding (Philosophy/Women’s Studies) and sponsored in part by the Rotman Institute. The conference opened today, May 23, and will continue until May 25. Prior to the conference start, graduate students in philosophy, theory and criticism, and women’s studies and feminist research had a unique opportunity to participate in a seminar led by former Rotman Visiting Fellow Dorothea Olkowski on her work bridging quantum theory with phenomenological and postmodern approaches to philosophy. Dorothea was also the Rotman sponsored speaker for the conference.

Over the next few weeks, graduate students will be blogging about their reflections from this conference, especially on intersections between phenomenology and areas of interest in the Rotman Institute. Among the topics covered at the conference that may be of particular interest to Rotman followers are embodied cognition, direct perception, personal identity in locked-in syndrome, conceptions of the body, especially in relation to breast surgery, bioethics, and neo-materialism and quantum theory. Stay tuned! To visit the conference schedule and view abstracts for each talk, please see our program.