Philosophy of Physics Workshop: Foundations of Thermodynamics 2024

Western Interdisciplinary Research Building Perth Drive, London, Ontario, Canada

EVENT DESCRIPTION In the past few decades there has been a transformation—some have called it a revolution—in the way that many physicists are approaching the science of thermodynamics. Philosophers of science have only recently begun to take notice of this transformation. This workshop, which brings together philosophers and physicists at is inspired by the [...]

Pragmatism and Philosophy of Science: Fall 2024 Conference

Pragmatism, with its focus on the human dimension of inquiry, offers a compelling lens through which to explore the nature, scope, and limits of scientific knowledge. This workshop will, building on recent work, explore topics at the intersection of pragmatism and philosophy of science, examining how pragmatism sheds light on scientific practice, success, and the interplay between metaphysics and epistemology.