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The Rotman Institute of Philosophy is excited to announce the in-person 2024 Rotman Graduate Student’s Conference (RGSC) on Scientific Methodology, taking place on September 19-20, 2024. We are pleased to announce Dr. Paul Bartha (University of British Columbia) and Joanna Redden (Western University) as our keynote speakers.

“Hypothetical Analogies” Paul Bartha, Professor of Philosophy, University of British Columbia

“Power and Resistance in an Age of Datafied Governance” Joanna Redden, Associate Professor of Information and Media Studies, Western University

Graduate students from all academic disciplines are invited to make submissions for the in-person 2024 Rotman Graduate Student’s Conference (RGSC). The topic of this year’s conference is scientific methodology, thus submissions are primarily encouraged to tackle foundational problems in science and philosophical problems regarding scientific methodology. Graduate students should plan to submit extended abstracts of approximately 1,000 words. Every submission should include an outline of an issue and an and outline of an original argument that addresses the identified issue. Accepted presenters will have 25 minutes to present their topic, followed by 25 minutes of moderated Q&A and discussion. Since the aim of the conference is to spark a lively, interdisciplinary discussion, any technical or area-specific terms ought to be clearly explained.

All submissions for the RGSC should be anonymized and emailed to RGSC (submissions@rgsconference.com) by July 10, 2024, and should include a title and a few relevant keywords. In the body of your email, please indicate your name, institutional affiliation, and email address.

Rotman Institute particularly encourages submissions on historically underrepresented questions, themes, issues, figures, or methods of inquiry.

More Information: For accommodations and additional queries about any aspect of the conference, contact us at submissions@rgsconference.com

Members of the organizing committee: Kawthar Fedjki – Daniel Bjorklund – Saher Punjwani – Carson Johnston – Ashkan Alibabaei – Veljko Simovic

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