Two of our graduate students successfully defended their theses this August. Please join us in congratulating Adam Koberinski (supervised by Wayne Myrvold) whose thesis, “Theory construction in high-energy particle physics”, was defended on August 1. Eunice Chan (supervised by Robert Corless) defended her thesis, “Algebraic Companions and Linearizations”, on August 23. Well done, Adam & Eunice!

We also have an exciting announcement to share from Rotman alumnus Yann Bentreau-Dupin, who welcomed a new baby this past month! Congratulations & best wishes to Yann, his partner and their new little bundle of joy!

And finally, please join us in congratulating Rob Corless who is now officially an Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor here at Western University! Rob has also been appointed Adjunct Professor in the school of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, and Adjunct Research Professor in the department of Applied Mathematics, Western University.

All other announcements from our members are listed below alphabetically.

Rotman alumnus Andrew Chater published an article on Atlantic Community, titled “The Arctic: Stable Governance Amid Melting Ice”.

During his term as the 2018-2019 Chair in Arctic Studies at University of Washington, Andrew Chater taught a class titled “Indigenous Peoples in Arctic Governance”. A blog series about the class was recently published.

A paper co-authored by Rob Corless and Rotman alumnus Nicolas Fillion, titled “Concepts of Solution and the Finite Element Method: a Philosophical Take on Variational Crimes“, was published in Philosophy & Technology.

A paper by Rob Corless, titled “Approximate GCD in Bernstein Basis”, has been accepted for the Maple Conference, Math Matters – Maple in Mathematics Education and Research, scheduled in Waterloo for this October. Another of his papers, “Revisiting Gilbert Strang’s ‘A Chaotic Search for I;”, has been accepted for publication in ACM Communications in Computer Algebra.

Rebecca Livernois presented “Contingent Valuation and the Ambiguity of Externalities” at the Biennial Conference of the International Network for Economic Method, University of Helsinki, August 19-21.

Jacqueline Sullivan was an invited speaker at the Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology hosted by the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, August 5-10, 2019. The title of her talk was “Building Epistemically Successful Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructures: Translational Cognitive Neuroscience as a Case Study”

John Thorp gave the keynote talk at a Workshop on Ancient Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires on August 1. The title was: “Aristóteles, Retórica, y Probabilidad”.

Francesca Vidotto was a Senior Visiting Fellow for the month of August in the Center for Astrophysics and Gravitation at the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon in Portugal, contributing to the ERC project “Matter and strong- field gravity: New frontiers in Einstein’s theory”. While there, she gave a talk on “White Holes Phenomenology”.

Pictured above: Eunice Chan prepares to present her public talk on “Algebraic Companions and Linearizations”; Yann Benetreau-Dupin’s new baby; conference dinner at CLMPST 2019, including Yousuf Hasan, Klodian Coko & Jacqueline Sullivan; Jacqueline Sullivan presents at CLMPST 2019; John Thorp participating in the Workshop on Ancient Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires.