Kaća Bradonjić, currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Hampshire College, describes herself as a theoretical physicist who “walk[s] the Möbius strip of science and art”. She was recently featured on the Daily Nous for artwork she has created titled, Projections — a series of drawings, sketches and paintings inspired by research talks she attends.

Dr. Bradonjić has attended the annual philosophy of physics conference here at Western for the past couple years. At the 2015 conference, Gravity and Geometry: Centenary Perspectives on General Relativity, she presented a talk titled Less is More: The Advantages of Unimodular Invariance. Following this year’s conference, Information-Theoretic Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics (ITIQM), she created a series of ten drawings — each inspired by a different talk at the conference. Pictured above is her projection inspired by Marissa Giustina’s talk, “Significant loophole-free test of Bell’s theorem with entangled photons”.

View the full gallery of Dr. Bradonjić’s projections based on ITIQM, and videos of the talks that inspired them.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLkMaaEPd7InL0PfUKQFq8KUqOnrUAZBqq&v=PXz9c5R6Kbw[/embedyt]