Rotman doctoral candidate, Andrew Peterson, is researching the ethical issues that stem from testing brain-injured patients for consciousness. On May 4th, his work was featured on an episode of the CBC radio program, Ideas from the Trenches. The series, hosted by Paul Kennedy, focuses on research being conducted by graduate students at universities across Canada. Beyond a discussion of Andrew’s research, the episode also includes a description of how patients are assessed at Western’s Brain and Mind Institute, interviews with family members of a brain-injured patient, and additional commentary by ethicists Joseph Fins (Cornell University) and Anita Silvers (San Fransisco State University).

To listen to the full episode, entitled The Open Mind, either stream it on demand on the CBC website, or download the free podcast.

Please join us in congratulating Andrew for being featured on Ideas from the Trenches. True to what motivates his research, participating in this type of public engagement will contribute to meaningful discussions of the policies and practices that impact brain-injured patients, as well as patients with other disabilities. We look forward to further research Andrew will pursue in his new position as Research Assistant Professor at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy in the Department of Philosophy at George Mason University.