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Project Description


  • Carnap

  • History and Philosophy of Science

  • Philosophy Teaching



Doctoral Student;
Department of Philosophy, Western University

I am currently a doctoral student of philosophy at Western. I did my BA in Philosophy at Concordia University (2013). I mostly did mathematics but decided to shift towards philosophy towards the end of my degree. My MA was at Western (2014) where I decided to do my PhD as well. I am beginning my second-year this Fall (2016).

I am mainly interested in the works of Carnap and I have become especially fascinated by the Quine/Carnap dispute on the analytic/synthetic distinction. I am currently looking into whether or not (and in what sense) is Quine’s challenge to Carnap legitimate.

Teaching Philosophy is another area that has recently become very interesting for me. In July 2016, I gave a workshop on Inclusive Office Hours at the American Association of Philosophy Teachers. I wish to do more research on Inclusive Pedagogy especially.

Conference Presentations (selections)

Beyond the Office: Philosophy Peer-Support Sessions for more Inclusive and Dynamic Office-Hours” American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT 2016)
(Saginaw, US). July 2016

The Evolution of Quine’s Revisability Thesis vs. CarnapHistory of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS 2016) (Minneapolis, US). June 2016.

Quine’s Flight from Analyticity: Reassessing his Empirical Challenge to CarnapSociety of Study of History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP 2016)
(Denver, US). June 2016.

“Considering Quine’s Empirical Challenge to Carnap” University of Calgary
(Calgary, Canada). May 2016.        

Tutorial Leader:

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1020): 2013-2014, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017.

Western Ontario (London, Canada).