Rotman member, Assistant Professor Gillian Barker

Faculty Membership

Members are faculty who share the responsibility to advance the Vision and Mission of the Rotman Institute. Appointment as a Member of the Rotman Institute is for a five year, renewable period.

Prospective members may propose themselves or be nominated by existing Members of the Rotman Institute. Such proposals and nominations are considered by the Steering Committee. Appointment (and renewal) is based on scholarly excellence and evidence of commitment to the Rotman Institute’s Vision and Mission.

Members play key roles in research projects, organize conferences, and participate in the training of graduate students. All new and renewing Members sign a Letter of Understanding that details their obligations to the Institute. Members will list their membership in the Rotman Institute on their website and on publications related to the Rotman Institute. Members must submit annually an updated curriculum vitae to the Director by the first day of November.

Appointment as a Member of the Rotman Institute is for a five year period. Members who fulfill their obligations are eligible for renewal. Applications for renewal are considered by the Director and Steering Committee. Re-appointment shall be on the basis of scholarly excellence and performance on obligations as set out in the Member’s Letter of Understanding.

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Faculty Membership

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