Congratulations to the 2015 Rotman PhD Graduates

The fall semester has officially come to a close, and as we prepare to break for the holidays, The Rotman Institute would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of some of our student members. 2015 has been an exciting year -- we've had seven Rotman graduate students successfully defend their theses. Their names, along with the titles [...]

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Rotman Institute of Philosophy Entrance Scholarships

By Amy Wuest The philosophy program at Western University is internationally ranked, both as an overall department and within a number of specialties, namely feminist philosophy, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of physics, the history of analytic philosophy, and others. At the Rotman Institute of Philosophy students have the opportunity to pursue these topics [...]

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In Memory of Cesare Romagnoli

A Remembrance by Dr. James A. Overton: Dr. Cesare Romagnoli died last week after a long fight with cancer. He was a radiologist by vocation, a philosopher by disposition, a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy by invitation, and a good friend by innate talent. I cannot do justice to the complex person that [...]

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In memory of Dr. Leo Kadanoff

Leo Kadanoff—renowned physicist and beloved teacher—passed away early this week. Here at the Rotman Institute, we benefited greatly from Dr. Kadanoff’s deep knowledge of physics and extensive academic experience. He was a valued member of the Institute's International Advisory Committee (IAC) from 2008 to 2012. These five years were pivotal for the Institute, and we [...]

Rotman Institute Graduate Student, Emma Ryman, Giving Two Talks This Month

During this month, Rotman Institute of Philosophy graduate student, Emma Ryman, is giving two talks. The first talk, given last week at Brock University, was at the symposium, Consuming Intimacies: Bodies, Labour, Care, and Social Justice. She presented a paper entitled, "The Patient Worker: A Model for Transnational Human Subjects Research and Contract Pregnancy", along [...]

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New Publication From Rotman Institute Graduate Student, Jamie Shaw

Rotman Institute graduate student, Jamie Shaw, has a new publication in Gnosis entitled, "Moderate Moderation: The Mean of Excess". This paper argues that Aristotle's 'doctrine of the mean' should not be interpreted as saying that the mean is purely context dependent but, rather, on considerations of the good life as a whole. This is accomplished [...]

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Rotman Members among most cited living philosophers

Rotman Institute Members Charles Weijer (Western University) and Stathis Psillos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) were listed among the top 91 most cited living philosophers in an article on Leiter Reports which compiled information from public Google Scholar pages. Weijer was number 54 on the list, with 4,375 citations, and Psillos was 84th, with [...]

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