Interviews with Robert Foley and Jody Culham

Below are interviews with Jody Culham and Robert Foley who are working on different aspects of  perception as part of a partnership between the Brain and Mind Institute and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy.  Jody Culham is professor in the psychology department and is studying the neuroscience of perception and action.  Robert Foley holds a joint post-doc between the […]

The Rasouli Decision: A Response to Arthur Schafer

by Reuven Brandt The Supreme Court of Canada recently issued a ruling about the unilateral removal of life support by physicians.  The case centers on Mr. Rasouli, who is minimally conscious, requires life support and, according his physicians, has little chance of recovering.  Doctors sought to have Mr. Rasouli removed from life support against the […]

New Public Engagement Page

Check out our new public engagement site and be sure to try the ethics test at the bottom of the page! Thanks to the people at Bridgeable for the great design work.  More to come…    

Schedule for Annual Western Philosophy of Physics Conference

Here is the schedule for the Annual Western Philosophy of Physics Conference: Friday, May17th in Stevnson Hall 1145 9:30 a.m Jill North (Cornell University) “The Structure of Spacetime: A New Approach to the Spacetime Ontology Debate” 11:00 Erik Curiel (University of Western Ontario, Rotman Institute of Philosophy) “On the Existence of Spacetime Structure” wedding flowers […]

Logic, Math and Physics Conferences this weekend!

Join us on May 18-19, 2013 for the thirteenth annual Philosophy of Logic, Math and Physics (LMP13) graduate student conference in philosophy at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. LMP13 will bring together philosophers of logic, mathematics and physics for two days of presentations and discussions with some of the leaders in these fields. We are […]


Special Lecturer in Philosophy of Biology: Gregory M. Mikkelson on “Unity in Diversity: Richness Theory in Environmental Ethics” (By Justin J. Bzovy and Antoine C. Dussault)

On April 19th, 2013 Gregory M. Mikkelson from McGill University visited as a special lecturer in the philosophy of biology, which was co-organized by the Rotman Institute and the Biology Department’s Friday Philosophicals.  Mikkelson’s main research interests are in environmental ethics, ecology and economics.  His talk at Western prompted a very fruitful discussion, some of […]

Broadening the Goals of Science Education – Reuven Brandt

BU Conference: “How HPS can contribute to science education” 2/5 The breakout meeting I attended focused on how HPS might be used to improve science education in the areas of : ethics of science, the role of science in a democratic society, and the evaluation of scientific evidence.  By finding ways to include these topics […]