What must be done to educate, equip, and support teachers to incorporate HPS into their curricula? (by Craig Fox)

BU Conference: “How HPS can contribute to science education” 5/5   The effort to incorporate HPS into K-12 science curricula will require substantial support from the scholarly community. Anyone who has ever taught knows that teachers have hardly a minute to spare. Teaching is mentally and physically challenging and teachers are constantly forced to do more [...]

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How to include the history and philosophy of science (HPS) in science education standards? (by Yann Benétreau-Dupin)

  BU Conference: “How HPS can contribute to science education” 4/5 Defining what place HPS should take in official guidelines is not an easy task. But it is of primary importance, and academics have a role to play in it. In the context of U.S. primary and secondary education, a national framework (pdf) provides guidelines [...]

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Improving Scientific Literacy Through Improved Critical Thinking Skills (by Melissa Jacquart)

BU Conference: “How HPS can contribute to science education” 3/5 On the second day of the conference, I attended the working group session aimed at addressing the question, "How can history and philosophy of science contribute to students’ understanding of science, as well as help create scientific literate citizens?" The discussion focused on how K-12 programs [...]

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HPS and Science Education – Benétreau-Dupin, Brandt, Fox, Jacquart

This past December four Rotman graduate students, Yann Benétreau-Dupin, Melissa Jacquart, Craig Fox and Reuven Brandt participated in “How Can the HPS Contribute to Contemporary U.S. Science Teaching”.  This two-day event, funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), consisted of a public conference that was part of the Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science, and a [...]

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