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Patrick Persaud


  • Nanotechnology

  • International Relations

  • Philosophy of Science



Doctoral Student;
Department of Physics, Western University

I am a multi-disciplinary academic with an interest in complex problems. I mainly do work in theoretical physics and political science, but have also ventured into philosophy and sociology. I enjoy attempting difficult problems/puzzles, and interacting with engaging people.

I currently conduct research in three branches of academia. My theoretical physics research is centered around understanding the optical properties of nano-scaled structures and systems. This work includes plasmonic interactions, dipole fields, photon absorption and emission, dipole-dipole interactions, quadrapole fields, and electric field enhancements. My social science research is currently in political economy, where I am analyzing central bank legitimacy with respect to politics, law, and society. I am also engaged in environmental ethics research, where the ethics of the interactions between environmental robots and the actual environment are being examined.

(Edited 2018) ‘Physics in Your Every Day Life’, by Mahi R. Singh. (Willey Custom. Toronto, Revised 2018).

Persaud, Patrick D., and Mahi R. Singh. “Effect of dipole–dipole interactions on the one-photon and two-photon photoluminescence in an ensemble of quantum dots doped in a polymer matrix.” JOSA B 37, no. 12 (2020): 3672-3680.

Han, Xiaobo, Kai Wang, Patrick D. Persaud, Xiangyuan Xing, Weiwei Liu, Hua Long, Fang Li, Bing Wang, Mahi R. Singh, and Peixiang Lu. “Harmonic Resonance Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation in the Monolayer WS2–Ag Nanocavity.” ACS Photonics 7, no. 3 (2020): 562-568.

Singh, Mahi R., and Patrick D. Persaud. “Dipole–Dipole Interaction in Two-Photon Spectroscopy of Metallic Nanohybrids.” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124, no. 11 (2020): 6311-6320.

Singh, Mahi R., Patrick D. Persaud, and Sergey Yastrebov. “A study of two-photon florescence in metallic nanoshells.” Nanotechnology 31, no. 26 (2020): 265203.

Singh, Mahi R., Grant Brassem, and Patrick D. Persaud. “Spontaneous emission in nanofibers doped with an ensemble of quantum dots and quantum emitters.” Physical Review A 102, no. 6 (2020): 063704.

Currently Writing/In Progress:
Predictive Capacity of ERAI, ECOA, ERA5, and ECOA14 Using Reanalysis Data in The Gulf of Alaska. Patrick D Persaud, Kent G Moore. Western University and the University of Toronto, 2018.

2012-2018. Volunteer Tutor and Mentor for Special Needs Students and at-Risk Youth. Bloor Collegiate Institute, Toronto, ON.

2013-2018. Private Tutor Specializing in Special Needs Students.

2018. Fall Term, Physics 1301, Tutorial TA.

2019. Fall and Winter Terms, Physics 1301 and 1302. Tutorial TA.

2020. Fall and Winter Terms, Political Science 1020. Tutorial TA