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Tyeson Davies


  • Philosophy of Mind

  • Embodied Cognition

  • Philosophy of Neuroscience
  • Phenomenology


  • Rotman Institute of Philosophy
    Western University
    Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, 7148
    London, Ontario, Canada
    N6A 3K7


M.A. Student,
Department of Philosophy, Western University

Tyeson Davies Barton is an M.A. candidate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. He completed his B.A. (with distinction) at Vancouver Island University, graduating with Honours in Philosophy and Honours in English. His research is financially supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and it primarily explores topics in the philosophy of mind, embodied cognition, ecological psychology, enactivism, philosophy of neuroscience, and phenomenology.
As part of the EMRG lab, he is currently leading a project which examines and compares how information is defined in standard cognitive science and ecological psychology. Specifically, this project has three aims. The first is to specify the notions of information at work in these two areas—primarily Shannon and ecological information, respectively. The second is to determine the extent to which these notions of information determine how the two areas understand the roles that the brain, body, and environment play in perception. And the third is to identify and compare the advantages and limitations of each notion of information in relation to the development of a theory of perception.
Fall, 2019, Phil 1200: Reasoning and Critical Thinking, University of Western Ontario, (TA)

TA, Philosophy 1200(200): Reasoning and Critical Thinking, Prof. Christopher Viger, University of Western Ontario, Fall 2019-Winter 2020.