What We Do

At the Rotman Institute, we explore philosophical questions that emerge from contemporary science, helping scientists and policymakers to grapple with important and complex issues.

Research Projects done by Rotman Institute Faculty Members are changing the way philosophy of science and bioethics are done, by bringing philosophers and scientists together to work on problems faced by scientists and the implications of science for society, in ways that have global significance.

Also core to the Institute’s mission is integrating graduate students and postdoctoral fellows into research projects, offering unique training opportunities.

The Institute engages with the public through such activities as public lectures (including online video archives of these talks), multimedia exhibitions, and online apps.

Members of the Institute pursue fundamental questions about how science works, the nature of scientific knowledge, how to use scientific knowledge wisely, and how to conduct research ethically. Our distinctive approach follows from the insight that these questions are best pursued collaboratively, by philosophers, scientists, and policy makers working closely together.

Our core areas of research are research ethics, foundations of physics, philosophy of neuroscience, and environmental philosophy.

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