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Project Description


  • Mechanisms of metal-tolerance in plants


  • Western University
    Biological & Geological Sciences 2051
    London, Ontario, Canada
    N6A 5B7

  • (519) 661-2111 x86487


Associate Professor
Department of Biology, Western University

My students and I investigate the mechanisms of metal-tolerance in plants from an eco-physiological perspective. We are interested in everything from the rhizosphere to intracellular compartmentation.

Many plants have a remarkable ability to withstand high concentrations of potentially toxic metals in their environment. A better understanding of the biochemical and physiological mechanisms that permit such tolerance may provide valuable information regarding the use of plants to restore contaminated areas.

Current projects involve edible plants, including wheat (Triticum spp) barley (Hordeum vulgare) and lettuce (Lactuca Sativa), as well as Arabidopsis thaliana. The approaches that we are taking include: (1) investigate the production and exudation of organic compounds as a mechanism to detoxify metal ions, (2) determine the localization of metal ions at the subcellular level, (3) model the movement of metals from the soil into the plant and, (4) identify the relationship between metal toxicity and a number of biochemical pathways that mediate plant stress.

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