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Project Description

Matthew Howery


  • Philosophy of Science

  • Philosophy of Physics



Doctoral Student;
Department of Philosophy, Western University

Matthew Howery is a philosopher at Western University. His academic interests are primarily understanding the relation between scientific anti-realism and the history of science more generally. In particular, Matthew is interested in the nature of referents of theoretical terms in cosmological models and relations between those models and other kinds of scientific theories. Matthew is a huge proponent of public philosophy in the daily lives of people and was the inaugural National High School Ethics Bowl Outreach Coordinator and coach for San Francisco State University for two years and dedicated his limited personal time during his MA to teaching ethics to high school students and coaching their debate teams for regional ethics bowl debates. Matthew’s scientific background is in nuclear reactor operations and theory and he spent several years working in that field. It is his hope to continue working to bridge the gap between the public and the value and virtue of philosophy.

My research goal is to try and identify the correct doxastic attitudes that scientists and lay persons ought to take with regard to theoretical entities in cosmological theories and compare those doxastic attitudes with the current meta-theories about other fields of science. I hope to make clear the important contrasts between theoretical entities in other fields of science when compared to the varying kinds of theoretical entities in cosmology. It is my hope that this investigation will shed some needed light on the debate between scientific realism and scientific anti-realism and proper doxastic views of scientific theories. At the very least, I feel it will force us to ask some important questions about how we talk about differing types of theories.

MA Thesis
A View from the Top: From Essential Indexicality to Personhood and Back Again

Conference Presentations
Ontological Commitments of Dispositions
Paper presented at the Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference, University of Nevada, Reno. 2014

Posthumous Agency
Paper Presented at the Philosophy, Virtue, and Personhood Graduate Conference, Loyola University, Chicago, Il. 2014

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Los Rios Community College District


Phil 300 Introduction to Philosophy


Phil 300 Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 350 Philosophy of Religion

Phil 304 Introduction to Asian Philosophy

Lecturer, Sacramento State University


Phil 4 Logic and Critical Thinking

Graduate Teaching Associate, San Francisco State University


Phil 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking

Phil 105 Philosophy and Religion


Phil 210 Great Thinkers East and West


Phil 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking

Phil 105 Philosophy and Religion


Phil 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking

Phil 110 Introduction to Critical Thinking