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Project Description

Chang Liu


  • Philosophy of Language



Doctoral Student;
Department of Philosophy, Western University

I am a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at Western University. My primary interest lies in philosophy of language. My current research focuses on pejorative language such as racial slurs. In addition, I am interested in philosophy of mind and political philosophy.

Before joining the PhD program, I received my MA in philosophy from Western. My MA research project developed a descriptive theory of proper name based on Donnellan’s theory of descriptions.

My current research concerns pejorative language such as racial slurs. I want to investigate the nature of their expressivist meanings and the mechanism by which such meanings are communicated. This is an interdisciplinary research between philosophy and linguistics; it involves linguistic evidence and frameworks such as formal semantics and relevance theory. Moreover, I aim to explore pejorative language’s implications for hybrid theories in metaethics and hate speech in political philosophy.

In addition, I have done researches on proper names and mental causation. In my MA research project, I developed a descriptivist theory of proper name on the basis of Donnellan’s theory of definite descriptions. Such a descriptive theory would be immune to Kripke’s objections. I have also written papers defending the causal exclusion argument from compatibilist approaches.