Prospective Students

Western’s philosophy program is internationally ranked, both as an overall department and within a number of specialties, not least philosophy of science and philosophy of physics.

Prospective students interested in joining the department, and who have an interest in philosophy of science — construed broadly to include the history, ethics or epistemology of science — may wish to think about the benefits of becoming a member of the Rotman Institute. Each year the Institute accepts new members and desk space in the innovative ‘Lab’ space opens up annually. It is typically after their second year as doctoral students, when research interests are beginning to solidify, that students are eligible to become resident members of the Institute.

Doctoral Entrance Scholarships

The Institute awards four Rotman Institute of Philosophy Doctoral Entrance Scholarships each academic year valued at up to $10,000 each. This is above and beyond the usual funding packages offered to graduate students in the Department of Philosophy at Western.

All applicants to the Doctoral Program in the Department of Philosophy at Western University with a stated research interest in philosophy and science (including epistemology, ethics or history of science) are eligible. A separate application for the award is not required. Students who are awarded the scholarships become student members of the Rotman Institute.

Information for prospective students to the Department of Philosophy’s doctoral program may be found here.

Undergraduates interested in studying at Western University can learn more here.

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Prospective Students

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