Postdoctoral Fellows, Dr Dan Hicks and Dr Rachael Brown

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Rotman Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship provides new scholars, an opportunity to pursue their research in a research intensive environment among colleagues with various philosophical interests in the sciences.

The purpose of Rotman Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships is to provide an opportunity for new scholars interested in the engagement of Philosophy with the sciences to pursue important projects in a research intensive environment. The Rotman Institute of Philosophy is situated in one of Canada’s leading departments of philosophy, and it brings together philosophers and scientists to work on problems of global significance. Rotman faculty include two Canada Research Chair holders, and ongoing research focuses on a variety of aspects of contemporary biology, ethics, medical science, physics, and neuroscience.

Postdoctoral Fellows at the Rotman Institute have gone on to great things. Rachael Brown (Postdoc in the Institute 2013-2014) won the Sir Karl Popper Prize for 2014, for the best paper appearing in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. Kerry McKenzie (2013-14) was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at UC San Diego after her Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Rotman Institute. Trevor Pearce (2011-12) has also become an Assistant Professor, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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