Announcing the Winner of the Rotman Philosophical Photography Contest

The Rotman Institute Philosophical Photography Contest challenged people to submit unique photographs that somehow managed to capture an abstract philosophical concept. We received a fabulous mix of photos that were reviewed by a small panel of judges. Choosing the winning photograph was no easy task -- some of the photographs themselves were particularly striking, some [...]

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January 2017 Member News & Updates

Rotman members kicked off the new year with a busy month of activities. New publications, conference presentations, media appearances, and other news are all listed below in alphabetical order. An article on sports ethics, Competing Interests: The team doctor’s dual loyalty problem, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal included commentary by Samantha Brennan. Samantha [...]

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New videos added to the ACMES 2 playlist on YouTube

ACMES 2, Computationally Assisted Mathematical Discovery and Experimental Mathematics, was a four day conference held on May 12 - 15, 2016 at Western University. Videos from the fourth day of the conference have been added to the ACMES 2 video playlist. Remaining videos from the conference will be available soon. Computational Discovery, also called Experimental [...]

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Spring 2017 Rotman Events

The Rotman Institute is honoured to be hosting a number of events this semester on important issues from a variety of fields. These events will explore pressing questions like: Are humans the only species with rich mental, social, and emotional lives? Is it justifiable to keep animals in zoos and aquariums? Might robots be moral? [...]

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December Member News & Updates

We'd like to begin our monthly news post with two exciting announcements from December. First, please join us in congratulating Jackie Sullivan, who was recently promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective this July. Second, Lisa Forsberg has joined us as a new postdoctoral fellow. During her time at Western, besides her own research, Lisa [...]

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Call for 2017 Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications

We are very pleased to announce that we are currently inviting applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships. One to three Fellowships will be offered in areas of research supported by the Institute (including applied ethics, foundations of physics, philosophy of neuroscience, general philosophy of science, and philosophy of biology), contingent upon funding. The Rotman Institute of Philosophy [...]

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Our Top 10 Videos of 2016

2016 is almost behind us, and in keeping with the custom of compiling end of year lists, we've put together the following list of our top 10 videos of the year. The collection of videos and playlists on the Rotman Institute's YouTube channel cover an array of philosophical areas and topics. Videos of public Rotman [...]

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Gilmore Girls’ Disappointing Take on Commercial Surrogacy (warning: this post contains spoilers)

Many fans of the Gilmore Girls were unhappy at how the show’s revival handled the storyline of the abrasive yet lovable Paris Geller. While I too agree that Paris deserves a happier ending, my dismay about her personal life was largely overshadowed by my dismay at how the show portrayed her career in commercial surrogacy [...]

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Congratulations to the 2016 Rotman PhD Graduates

With the conclusion of 2016, the Rotman Institute would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of some of our graduate student members. This year a total of seven students successfully defended their doctoral theses. Their names, and the titles of their dissertations are listed below. Top row (left to [...]

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Putting Environmental Philosophy to Work: Interview with Justin Donhauser

Justin Donhauser joined the Rotman Institute as postdoctoral fellow this fall. He specializes in socially-relevant philosophy of science — focusing on clarifying how model-based ecological and climate-science methods can aid in political, ethical, and resource management decisions. Justin trained as a PhD fellow of the National Science Foundation endowed Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE-IGERT) [...]