Rotman 2018 Annual Conference: Understanding Replication Across the Sciences

CONFERENCE DESCRIPTION Currently, there is a widespread perception that scientific activity is in the middle of a (so-called) 'reproducibility' or 'replication crisis'. Many important findings published in leading scientific journals have turned out to be difficult or impossible to replicate. The ongoing controversy surrounding the reproducibility of scientific activity threatens to undermine the authority of [...]

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September 2018 Member News & Updates

This month came with one particularly exciting piece of news--Sarah Gallagher, an associate faculty member of the Institute, was named as the first-ever Science Advisor to the President of the Canadian Space Agency. She will report directly to the CSA President, Sylvain Laporte, to shape Canada's future direction in space science and champion Canadian space research. She will also [...]

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Panel Discussion: Canada Up in Smoke? Debating the Impact of Cannabis Legalization

EVENT DESCRIPTION The Society of Neuroscience Graduate Students at Western University is hosting an upcoming panel discussion on the legalization of cannabis, due to take effect in October. The event will include experts from a range of fields, exploring the medical, legal, and ethical considerations of the new policy. The Rotman Institute of Philosophy and [...]

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2018 Rotman Research Fair

On Friday, September 21st, we will be holding our annual research fair. This event is an opportunity for current Western graduate students interested in learning about the Institute, and opportunities for graduate student membership, to visit our workspace and meet with us. ROTMAN INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY RESEARCH FAIR Friday, September 21st 3:00 - 5:00 pm [...]

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August 2018 Member News & Updates

In August we were pleased to welcome a new postdoctoral fellow to the Institute, Vicente Raja. His research interests are distributed among philosophy, experimental psychology, and plant science. He will be working on the Neural Reuse, Embodied Cognition, and Dynamic-Systems Approaches to the Brain research project (new project page coming soon!) with Michael Anderson. Please join us [...]

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July 2018 Member News & Updates

Effective this month, there have been a number of changes to Institute leadership we'd like to recognize. First, Anthony Skelton has officially completed a 4-year term as the Institute's Associate Director. In this role, he has not only served on the Steering Committee, but he has also coordinated our annual speakers series and Rotman lectures. [...]

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2018 Philosophy of Logic Math and Physics Graduate Student Conference

Join us on June 23-24, 2018 for the eighteenth annual Philosophy of Logic, Math and Physics (LMP) graduate student conference in philosophy at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. The LMP Graduate Student Conference will bring together philosophers of logic, mathematics, and physics for two days of presentations and discussions with some of the leaders in these fields. We [...]

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Thermodynamics as a Resource Theory: 2018 Annual Philosophy of Physics Conference

EVENT DESCRIPTION The Revolution will be thermalized. Recently, there has been a shift in the way that many physicists are approaching the science of thermodynamics. Instead of regarding its laws as purely physical laws, researchers are increasingly treating the theory as a theory about how agents, such as ourselves, can use information about a physical [...]

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