Rotman 2017 Annual Conference: Cosmology and the Future of Spacetime

Cosmology and the Future of Spacetime is a three-day conference taking place June 12-14, 2017 at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. To view full details about the conference, please visit the conference page on the philosophy of cosmology website. CONFERENCE DESCRIPTION Even though general relativity has enjoyed profound success throughout the century since its [...]

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May Member News & Updates

May was an eventful month for members of the Institute. 34 Rotman members participated in the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences that began at the end of May. (A detailed listing of Rotman member sessions at Congress can be seen here. Please note that the original post did not include Catherine Stinson, who [...]

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Rotman Institute Member Sessions at Congress 2017

This year's Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences will take place on May 27 - June 2 at Ryerson University in Toronto. Rotman Institute members will be participating in numerous sessions throughout the congress. If you’re attending this year’s congress, we invite you to attend these sessions and learn about some of the exciting [...]

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April Member News & Updates

Rotman members took part in a variety of conferences, gave a number of talks, and had some new publications during the month of April. In addition, the final Rotman event of the term took place on April 6--a public lecture by Hanna Pickard: Why Do Addicts Use? Getting Real about Drugs, Identity, and Adversity. Video of [...]

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WWKPD – A Popperian Tale Gone Wrong

by Siska De Baerdemaeker In February, UC Irvine hosted the Methodology and Epistemology in Cosmology Conference, an event that brought together physical scientists and philosophers of science to explore different areas in cosmology that call for methodological innovation, and the epistemological consequences thereof. At the conclusion of the conference, I could not help but think [...]

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James G. Lennox: Aristotle and Darwin: Antagonists or Kindred Spirits?

ABSTRACT In the decades following the forging of the so-called Neo-Darwinian Synthesis in the 1940s, a number of its philosophical defenders created a myth about what Charles Darwin was up against, a viewpoint called “typological essentialism” often attributed to Aristotle. In this paper I first sketch the history of how this myth was created. I [...]

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Interview with Dr. Hanna Pickard

by Meghan Winsby Hanna Pickard is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, where she specializes in philosophy of mind and psychiatry and clinical ethics. Additionally, she works as a therapist for a NHS specialist service for people with personality disorder and complex needs. Professor Pickard visited the Rotman Institute of Philosophy from [...]

Hanna Pickard: Why Do Addicts Use? Getting Real about Drugs, Identity, and Adversity

Read the interview with Hanna Pickard conducted during her visit to the Rotman Institute. ABSTRACT The mainstream view of addiction is that it is a neurobiological disease of compulsion. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that addicts retain choice and a degree of control over drug consumption. This talk explores the power of the neurobiological myth [...]

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Photos & Videos from Responsible Robotics Events

We are very pleased to share the following photos and videos taken during the event series on responsible robotics and robot ethics we hosted last month. Please note that additional photos from these events can be seen on the Rotman Institute Flickr account. Thank you to Philippos Papayannopoulos for taking these wonderful photos! Panel Discussion: [...]

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March Member News & Updates

In March, The Rotman Institute hosted a successful series of events on responsible robotics and robot ethics. The series included a panel discussion held at Wolf Hall on March 15 (featuring Aimee van Wynsberghe, Ryan Gariepy, Jesse Kirkpatrick, Kristen Thomasen, and Christopher Schlachta), and two related lectures on March 16 & 17. Videos of all three [...]

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