#TBT Uriah Kriegel’s lecture, “Experiential Origins of Intentionality”, is up on the Rotman YouTube Channel

During the 2010/2011 Rotman Institute of Philosophy Speaker Series, Uriah Kriegel, of the University of Arizona, delivered a lecture entitled, “Experiential Origins of Intentionality”. Several authors – Loar, McGinn, Strawson, and Horgan, among others – have argued that the intentionality proper to conscious experience is somehow prior to, and grounds, other forms of intentionality. Here […]

#TBT Colin Howson’s lecture, “Should Probabilities be Countably Additive?”, is up on the Rotman YouTube Channel

During the 2010/2011 Rotman Institute of Philosophy Speaker Series, Colin Howson, of the University of Toronto, delivered a lecture entitled “Should Probabilities be Countably Additive?”, examining a specific case in the philosophy of science related to probability. Video of this lecture is now available on the Rotman YouTube channel.

#TBT Susan Haack’s lecture, Six Signs of Scientism, is up on the Rotman YouTube Channel

During the 2010/2011 Rotman Institute of Philosophy Speaker Series, Susan Haack spoke about Scientism, the view that natural science is the most authoritative way of looking at the world, and is superior to other interpretations of life. Video of this lecture, Six Signs of Scientism, is now available on the Rotman YouTube channel.

Rotman Postdoc Dan Hicks has job news!

Cross-posted from Dan Hicks’ personal blog. Starting in September, I will be an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, working in the EPA’s Chemical Safety for Sustainability [CSS] program. I’ve actually known about this for almost two months, but only received the paperwork making things official this week. (I’m taking this as my first introduction […]


#TBT The 2010 Harperfest playlist is up on the Rotman YouTube channel

The 14th Annual Philosophy of Physics conference, Conceptions of Empirical Success, was held in Honor of Bill Harper’s retirement in 2010, and was organized by Wayne Myrvold. It features speakers on topics to which Harper made important contributions — in particular, historical approaches to questions of empirical success and decision theory.

May 1: Peter Anstey - Locke on Measurement

Video Posting – Peter Anstey: Locke on Measurement

This Rotman Lecture concerns John Locke’s practical and theoretical interest in measurement. Locke’s fascination with the measurement of weight, distance, time and monetary value is evident throughout his notebooks, journal and correspondence. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that it features in his philosophical reflections as early as Drafts A and B of the Essay concerning Human Understanding (1671) […]


Rotman Members among most cited living philosophers

Rotman Institute Members Charles Weijer (Western University) and Stathis Psillos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) were listed among the top 91 most cited living philosophers in an article on Leiter Reports which compiled information from public Google Scholar pages. Weijer was number 54 on the list, with 4,375 citations, and Psillos was 84th, with […]

Deborah Fox is our new Event Marketing Assistant

                    The Rotman Institute has hired Debra Fox as our new Event Marketing Assistant. Debra will help attract new audiences to Institute events, and has already been organizing our YouTube archives (which for various historical reasons are spread out over three different channels). The video organizing […]

Postdoctoral fellow, Robert Foley, edits special issue of Consciousness and Cognition

Rotman Institute postdoctoral fellow, Robert Foley, is guest editor on special issue of Consciousness and Cognition. The special issue, on the topic of blindsight, can be accessed here.

Jennifer Epp awarded best essay prize at the Canadian Philosophical Association

Congratulations to Rotman Institute Alumna, Jennifer Epp, who received the best student essay prize from the Canadian Philosophical Association. The title and abstract of Jennifer’s essay are below. Title: Why the Epistemic Effects of Oppression Must Matter in Feminist Theory Abstract: For decades feminist theorists have carefully investigated aspects of oppression that affect people as knowers. But […]