Congratulations to Rotman Institute Alumnus, Spencer Hey

Rotman Institute Alumnus, Spencer Hey, has been appointed Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School (Division of Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics and the Center for Bioethics). Spencer is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University. His work focus on methodological and ethical problems related to clinical trails. Read more about Spencer’s research here.

Guest post: Roger Colbeck on the cryptographic legacy of EPR

Follow up to last-week’s post on the EPR paper, a guest post by Roger Colbeck on its significance for cryptography. 80 years ago, Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen put to paper an argument that the use of the wave function for describing the state of a physical system is incomplete [7]. Looking back, it is remarkable […]

EPR, 80 years on

Wayne C. Myrvold 80 years ago, in the May 15, 1935 issue of Physical Review, a remarkable paper was published, whose impact on our thinking about the world has been substantial, in ways that would, perhaps, have astonished the authors. The paper was concerned with a very abstract point about the nature of physical reality. […]

Public Policy: What Philosophers of Science can Contribute

Reposted from Je fais, donc je suis.  Marks of the form [^2] should be read as footnotes.   I spent last week in Washington, DC, interviewing with about 10 different federal government offices as a finalist for a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. As you’ll see from those slides, AAAS policy fellows are primarily natural scientists and […]

Rotman Meets Rotman

The collaborations between Western’s Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, in the form of the lab associate program (which places philosophy graduate students in labs at the BMI) and collaborations between researchers (most recently, our postdoctoral fellow Robert Foley co-authored a paper with BMI director Melvyn Goodale and BMI PhD […]


Helen Longino: Individuals or Populations: How Scale Matters

Helen Longino, Stanford University April 17, 2015 Location: Western University, Chu International Centre, 2N05 International and Graduate Affairs Building Start Time: 3:30 pm ESTEnd Time: 5:00 pm EST Download a Poster   Abstract This lecture will explore the difference between studying human behavior as an individual characteristic versus studying it as a group property. Dr. […]

April 17: Rotman Lecturer Helen Longino presents Perspectives and Pluralities

Perspectives and Pluralities

Helen Longino, Stanford University April 16, 2015 – April 16, 2015 Location: Western University, 1200 Spencer Engineering Building Start Time: 5:00 pm ESTEnd Time: 6:30 pm EST Download a Poster Abstract This lecture will explore how the same phenomenon assumes different forms from different research perspectives and consequences of this for our understanding of scientific […]


Author Meets Critics: Daniel Steel (Philosophy, Michigan State), Philosophy and the Precautionary Principle

Author Meets Critics:  Daniel Steel (Philosophy, Michigan State), Philosophy and the Precautionary Principle Friday, April 24, Stevenson Hall 1145, 2:30-5pm Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy   Professor Steel will give an accessible overview of his recent book, followed by critical commentaries by Rotman Institute members Jessey Wright, Amy […]