Emily Thomas – Travel Writing as Thought Experiments: Science, Francis Bacon, and Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World

ABSTRACT Travel has a long and intimate history with philosophy. Travel also has a long and intimate relationship with fiction. Sometimes travel fiction acts as ‘thought experiments’, experiments that we can run through in our heads. This talk explores a 1666 fiction travelogue, Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World. In the novel, a virtuous young lady is [...]

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Lisa Feldman Barrett – Emotions: Facts vs. Fictions

ABSTRACT In this talk, we’ll explore a series of experiments about emotion whose conclusions seem to defy common sense. We’ll learn that common sense is wrong, and has been for 2000 years. In the process, we’ll dispel four of the most widespread fictions about emotions that lurk in classrooms, boardrooms and bedrooms around the world. We’ll then explore a radically [...]

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Anjan Chakravartty: Constraints on Rational Scientific Disagreement

More details on this event, including location, will be available soon. ABSTRACT In recent work I have argued that scientific disagreement can be rational even in contexts of shared evidence and comparable expertise. The notion that rival interpretations of a theory or a model can be rational, however, has potentially worrying consequences for how we [...]

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Erik Angner: Why the Science of Well-Being Needs the Philosophy of Well-Being—and Vice Versa

More details on this event, including location, will be available soon. ABSTRACT In 1976, Mario Bunge advocated a “vigorous and symmetrical interaction between science and philosophy … to close the gap between the two camps and to develop a scientific philosophy and a science with philosophical awareness.” The aim of this paper is to defend [...]

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Happiness and Well-Being: Philosophical Perspectives

EVENT DESCRIPTIONEach year, the Rotman Institute of Philosophy and the Department of Philosophy at Western University organize a public lecture series, co-sponsored with the London Public Library. The theme for this year's lecture series is happiness and well-being. The four speakers taking part in this year's series have expertise in a range of fields--ethics, feminist [...]

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November 2018 Member News and Updates

We're thrilled to begin our news for this month with two exciting announcements. First, Gillian Barker was the winner of the 2018 PSA Women's Caucus Prize in Feminist Philosophy of Science for her recent book, Beyond Biofatalism: Human Nature for an Evolving World. The full announcement from the PSA Women's Caucus can be seen here. Please join [...]

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Janet Martin: Evidence Reversals: How Fragile is the Evidence Base?

EVENT REGISTRATION Attendance is free, but for planning purposes advance registration is requested. REGISTER TO ATTEND   What happens when an existing claim is tested and the original evidence is contradicted by new and stronger evidence? Join us for a talk by Dr. Janet Martin, director of the MEDICI Centre, Schulich School of Medicine & [...]

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3rd Annual Rotman Philosophical Photography Contest

As we've done for the past two years, once again, the Rotman Institute will be recognizing World Philosophy Day with the launch of our annual philosophical photography contest. Philosophical concepts may be abstract and difficult to convey. Can a photograph show what we cannot say? Can you capture a philosophical concept in a photograph? [...]

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October 2018 Member News & Updates

This month we were honoured to welcome a new visiting fellow to the Institute, Dr. Diane O’Leary. Diane works on issues related to the mind and body in medicine, and has most recently worked as a Visiting Scholar in Neuroethics at the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University Medical Center. She describes her current [...]

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Bipasha Baruah: Global Trends in Women’s Employment in Renewable and Clean Energy: Continuities, Contradictions, Disruptions

ABSTRACT Concerns about environmental sustainability and fossil-fuel insecurity have motivated countries around the world to transition to clean energy supplies derived from renewables such as solar, hydro, bioenergy, geothermal and wind. Since producing and distributing renewables is more labor-intensive than producing and distributing fossil fuels, this shift is creating new employment opportunities and addressing energy [...]

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