Coffee Break: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

During our last Rotman Coffee Break, hosted by PhD student Emma Ryman, Rotman Members discussed the ethics of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We questioned whether it encouraged people to donate for the wrong reasons, whether there are more effective charities or pressing causes we ought to be donating to instead, or whether all the criticism of the Ice […]

Research Poster about Organisms, History, and the Biological Character Concept by Shari Monner from the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University.

Future Approaches for Philosophy of Biology

The Calgary Summit of Philosophers of Science hosted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Calgary  is quickly approaching. This meeting of philosophers of biology from throughout Canada will be focused on Future Approaches for Philosophy of Biology. In addition to a series of discussions, the Summit will also include something relatively new to […]

The Science of Climate Change: A three-part crash course - Sept 15, 17, 19

Library Speaker Series on Climate Change: The Philosophical Issues

Library Speaker Series Each October, the Department of Philosophy at Western initiates a public speakers’ series at the London Public Library (Central Branch, 251 Dundas St, Stevenson & Hunt room, 1st Floor). 7:00 p.m.   Fall 2014 Series Climate Change: The Philosophical Issues   October 8, 2014 What Do You Bring to a Street Fight?Wayne […]


Coffee Break: Class Participation

The host of this break was Jessey Wright, who is interested in philosophy of neuroscience, data analysis, new measurement technologies in science and teaching pedagogy.  Jessey asked the attendees what they regard as class participation, why they thought participation was important, if they graded students on participation, and what strategies they had for getting students to participate […]


The Science of Climate Change: A Three-Part Crash Course

Please join us for a three-part lecture series on the science of climate change, presented by visiting Rotman Institute scholar  Professor Roman Frigg. September 15, 3pm-5pm: Lecture 1: Basic Concepts in Climate Science—Location: Stevenson Hall, Room 1140 [Lecture 1 slides here] September 17, 3pm-5pm: Lecture 2: Climate Modelling—Location: Stevenson Hall, Room 2150H [Lecture 2 slides […]


Western University-led study says anorexia nervosa should be considered a ‘passion’

New findings from Western University suggest that characterizing anorexia, or anorexia nervosa, as a ‘passion’ will yield immediate and practical results in terms of treatment and therapy. The study, led by Louis C. Charland of Western’s Rotman Institute of Philosophy, is novel in that philosophers have collaborated with psychiatrists, scientists and clinicians to arrive at […]


Call for Abstracts: Knowledge and Models in Climate Science: Philosophical, Historical, and Scientific Perspectives

[Update: Logistics information can be found here, more info coming soon] [Update: Abstract submissions due August 22, 2014]   We are delighted to announce that the Rotman Institute of Philosophy will host its second annual conference, Knowledge and Models in Climate Science, on Oct. 24-26, 2014.  The conference will bring together researchers to discuss the […]

Why Talk to Philosophers? Part IV.

Wayne Myrvold Here’s the latest in our series of physicists writing about the value of philosophy:  Ivette Fuentes on the interplay between science and philosophy (and also science and the arts!)  Science and philosophy share common goals. They aim at developing and deepening our understanding of reality, at uncovering the basic constituents of the Universe […]